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We are at our last recipe, here at Santa Rita Club: after almost 8 years, it’s time to move on and accept new challenges.

It moves me thinking of all the people who helped me directly or indirectly; friends, family, my cooking students…without them this won’t be possible. I often look back: the first dinners with my dear tieta, our firsts guests, the first recipes, the cooking classes…

A spontaneous season full of friends, which made the “Santa Rita Experience”, no doubts.

We have grown up a lot in the last years, we are 3 people working now, receiving people from all around the world and making the Club a reference point in the world “supperclub” scene. It was hard to handle all this evolution, but we have always wanted to preserve this way to understand the gastronomy, which is Santa Rita’s way.

We have just 2 months left and we want to enjoy them to the fullest with all of you, while working on the new experience.

A hug,



( from Tuesday to Saturday – 9pm to 12.30pm)

  1. Los. Cured tuna, red mojo, olives and pickles

  2. Platillos. Artichokes confit stuffed with quail egg, mushrooms and truffle mayonnaise

  3. De. Scallops & black bull with barley stewed with plancton

  4. La. Pumpkin ravioli stuffed with duck and strains with orange emulsion

  5. Casa. Lamb cooked sous-vide with pistachio and mint pesto

  6. Postre. Chestnut foam, coffee grounds and red fruits.

  7. Lentils with chocolate




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